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Not interested in the Arts, outdoor education, the latest in learning technologies, sporting activity, the natural environment, extra curricula activity in addition to literacy and numeracy development?   Sorry, Welton is not for you!

Welton’s “backyard" is utilised in the Outdoor Education Program

Welton Primary School is a small rural school 31 kilometres west of Echuca.  The school is situated in a picturesque bush setting, with abundant wildlife, close to the Murray River.  Our school services 12 students and is part of a strong and supportive community.  Welton Primary School employs 2.3 teaching staff, including the principal, and a part-time bursar.

Welton operates a 1:1 iPad Program from Year Prep to Six

The Welton School Community values 'Education of the Whole Child', which underpins the school's determination to provide a comprehensive curriculum, nurture sound values and leadership potential.  We believe all curriculum areas are important for all year levels.  Our aim is to deliver an innovative curriculum that meets the needs of the individual and develops the knowledge, skills and resilience to be successful in a rapidly changing world.

Literacy and Numeracy remain a priority and Welton students consistently achieve, or better, Victorian and National means in these areas. Specialist teaching occurs in Indonesian, ICT, Art, Music and Library. Daily Physical Education is in place and Environmental Science and Outdoor Education programs make good use of our unique bush setting.

Welton students receive specialist teaching in visual arts

Students at Welton Primary School maintain regular contact with other network schools through group days, sporting carnivals, camps and excursions to provide our students with increased social interaction and experiences. Participation, to the best of your ability, across a range of curriculum areas and pursuits, is publicly celebrated at Welton Primary School.

And one more thing;  we here at Welton are big on the 4 R’s.

RESPECT for self, RESPECT for others, RESPECT for learning, RESPECT for the environment


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